3D Wheel Alignment

3D Wheel Alignment

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We feel proud to introduce as one of the renowned manufacturers & suppliers of the finest 3D Wheel Alignment in the market. This product is usable for long wheelbase vehicle adjustment. It is known for its self-diagnosis, correction & working efficiency management functions. In addition to this, our provided 3D Wheel Alignment contains automatic wireless Robotic Assistance on the steering wheel to ensure faster operations and far higher accuracy.


  • Color and graphical code adjustment screen
  • Operator friendly panel
  • Continuous data processing and measurement displaying

Specification :

  • HD special industrial camera
  • Mini target
  • LCD Double display data
  • Usable for long wheelbase vehicle adjustment.
  • Camera can be replaced with built in compensation reference.
  • Many ways of compensation; no push compensation is possible
  • Field installation, no need to calibrate
  • Self-diagnosis and correction function.
  • Working efficiency management function
  • Specific environmental adaptivity and fill-in light flash function of camera as.
  • All chassis data measurement including wheelbase, wheel track, axle offset and etc.
  • Database covering more than 20, 000 car models worldwide intelligent update at any time.
  • Beam automatically moves up and down to track the targets.
  • Useable with 2-post, 4-post, scissors lifts and pit